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  • Do you need a video game trailer ?

  • Do you want to have video content to showcase your products ?

  • Do you need to post production on your videos ?

  • Do you need advice on the production of in-game cinematics (motion capture, integration, workflow) of a video game project?


Having worked on real-time cinematics, I can bring you my expertise of over 14 years. I was also part of a video marketing team and produced trailers on a large variety of projects (sports games, warhammer games, independent games).

Video artist

In the marketing department, i made game trailers in real time: video capture, music selection, editing, post production.

Cinematic Artist

10 years of experience on various engines on AAA projects. I integrated the cinematic teams of independent studios and large companies: process management, production, motion capture shooting, work with the composers on game score, integration of voices and sounds with the sound design team, collaboration with the design teams and gameplay for transitions with the gameplay.


* Director/Cinematic Artist at Focus Home Interactive, 1 year
* Environment Artist on White Night at Osome Studio, 2 years
* Cinematic Designer / Background Artist on Just Dance 2015 at Ubisoft, 5 months
* LevelScripter / Game Designer on Life is Strange at DontNod, 1 year
* Cinematic Designer on Remember Me at DontNod, 1 year
* Level Scripter on Ghost Recon Future Soldier at Ubisoft Paris, 1 year

* Cinematic Designer at Eden Games on Alone in the Dark 5 and Test Drive Unlimited 2, 3 years

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