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  • Do you need a 3D artist to create your environments ?

  • Do you want to integrate 3D graphic content into one of your projects ?

  • Do you need graphic production advice for a video game ?

  • Do you want to set up any graphic project ?

Having worked on projects with sometimes very specific technical constraints (mobile game or virtual reality) or with a very strong artistic direction,

i know how to adapt to any type of graphic production.

The development of a game in integrality: game design, art creation and scripting. This poetic atmosphere game that immerses you in minimalist settings and takes you away from your daily life.

An artistic direction inspired by traditional animated movies that allows the player to immerse themselves in a poetic tale. Imagine a universe of glimmering colors and dizzying gigantism.

In the middle of an escape game in virtual reality, the artistic direction aims to be immersive while being at the service of the puzzles to be solved. Optimization is the key to a virtual reality project.

In a game entirely in black and white with fixed cameras, the difficulty is to understand the space. As a graphic designer, it is therefore necessary to create objects that are immediately identifiable by their shapes and shadows.


* Lead 3D Graphist & Co-Founder of Parallel Studio, 4years
* Environment Artist on White Night at Osome Studio, 2 years

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