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* 1 year of Applied Arts
* 2 years of 3D Modeling
* 1 year of Cinema formation



* Game Director, Tiny Islands (Android), Lundiseize
* Unreal Engine Artist, Virtual movie production - "Reboot Now" , Spline
* Lead 3D Graphist & Co-Founder of Parallel Studio, 4years
* Director/Cinematic Artist at Focus Home Interactive, 1 year
* Environment Artist on White Night at Osome Studio, 2 years
* Cinematic Designer / Background Artist on Just Dance 2015 at Ubisoft, 5 months
* LevelScripter / Game Designer on Life is Strange at DontNod, 1 year
* Cinematic Designer on Remember Me at DontNod, 1 year
* Level Scripter on Ghost Recon Future Soldier at Ubisoft Paris, 1 year

* Cinematic Designer at Eden Games on Alone in the Dark 5 and Test Drive Unlimited 2, 3 years

* I practice sports such as cycling, badminton or squash.
* I play often at video games and boardgames.

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